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FF Leader calls on Taoiseach to clarify his comments in Madrid

Last updated on 02 Nov, 2015


Responding to reports about the Taoiseach’s address to the European People’s Party (EPP) in Spain, Fianna Fáil Leader Micheál Martin has called on Enda Kenny to clarify the comments he made when referring to a conversation he had with the former Central Bank Governor Patrick Honohan.

Yesterday the Taoiseach claimed that the Government has plans in place to draft in the Army to surround banks and protect ATMs in the event that capital controls were to be needed. I find it amazing that the Taoiseach would make such comments when he is representing Ireland or his party abroad. I am asking Enda Kenny to outline exactly when and in what circumstances he was advised about the potential need to have the army protect the banks.

Given that this is not the first time that the Taoiseach has talked about this fairy-tale, he owes the Irish people a full explanation and cannot hide behind confidentiality. If he is prepared to divulge this information to his political allies in Spain, he should give the Irish people a full account of his discussions with Mr. Honohan. To use his own phrase “Paddy needs to know”.

The Taoiseach continues to convey a falsehood, when he claims that there was only three months finance available to the State, when his Government took office. This is simply not the case. According to the Department of Finance there was no time during the Taoiseach’s term when finance was that limited. In fact, there was three years’ financing available when he entered Government in 2011. Enda Kenny’s casual disregard and gross distortion of the truth to try and present himself as our national saviour is fooling no one.


MM 23/10/15

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