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588 patients waiting on trolleys in Cork in June

Last updated on 08 Jul, 2015


Trolley figures for June at Mercy University soar by 140% and 30% at CUH in just a year

Posted on 08/07/15

Cork South-Central Fianna Fáil TD and Party Leader Micheál Martin is calling for an urgent statement from the Minister for Health after new figures revealed that close to 600 patients were forced to wait on trolleys at Mercy University Hospital and CUH last month.

The figures, produced by the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO), show the numbers waiting on trolleys at CUH in June this year increased by 30% compared to the same month in 2014 while the situation at Mercy University Hospital is much more serious as the numbers there jumped by 140% over the same period.

Deputy Martin said: “Things are going from bad to worse in the health service. We have waiting lists that have spiralled completely out of control because of Government mis-management and flawed health budget and the crisis of patients waiting for hours and hospitals trolleys is continuing to cause major anxiety. A 140% increase in the number of patients waiting on trolleys at the Mercy Hospital in June and a 30% increase at CUH when compared with the same month last year is extremely serious. June is traditionally a quieter month for the health service and this raises concerns about how prepared the health service for the tough winter months.

“It is completely unacceptable that every single month literally thousands of very sick patients are being forced to leave all dignity, safety and privacy behind as they are packed onto trolleys on busy corridors and wards in hospitals across the country. This crisis is getting worse while the government flounders without a real health strategy. How can Minister Leo Varadkar stand by a situation where in the height of summer when trolley numbers are traditionally down, we still had close to 600 patients on trolleys in CUH and the Mercy Hospital last month?

“Services in Cork are under huge strain from increased demand and are being expected to take extra patients from Waterford as well. There is a lot more concern now about morale in the health service and far from attracting new people into the system the conditions of workers is actually prompting many people to leave or consider leaving the Irish health service entirely.

“The status quo cannot be allowed to continue. We need a meaningful strategy for the health service that puts patients and services at the heart of the decision-making. We have a government that is heading into an election cycle with a failed health policy, the longest hospital waiting lists for many years and a Minister more concerned with protecting his image than prioritising patients. Fianna Fáil has produced a detailed plan ‘Putting Patients and Services First’ to make meaningful progress for patients. The Government’s health strategy over the last four years has been disastrous and has really setback a lot of progress that was made in improving access to services and driving down waiting lists.”

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