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1,658 medical cards cut from the over 70s in Cork

Last updated on 28 Jul, 2015


New figures released to me have revealed that 1,658 medical cards have been cut from the over 70s in Cork in the space of just a year.

In its latest betrayal of older people, the Government confirmed in reply to a Parliamentary Question that there have been widespread cuts to over 70’s medical cards between April 2014 and April 2015.

16,356 over 70s cards have been lost nationally; this includes 1,658 in Cork, with the shocking reduction of 919 in Cork South area alone. That’s despite a steady increase in the population of older people.

This Government announced a cull of medical cards for the over 70s in 2013. These latest figures show this agenda is in full swing, and it’s having a real impact on people’s lives in every single community in Cork city and county.

It’s an appalling betrayal of pensioners who have spent decades paying their taxes, raising their families and contributing to the country in every way possible. Unfortunately these figures are just the latest example of what has become a sustained attack on older people at the hands of the Fine Gael/Labour Government.

As well has the cull of medical cards, more than a million home help hours have been taken away. Prescription charges have been increased five-fold. The Fuel Allowance has been cut and the Telephone Allowance has been abolished.

We also have anecdotal evidence that a cynical ploy is underway to reduce the period of eligibility for over 70s medical cards. I have become aware of a number of cases where medical cards for pensioners are only being renewed for a few months until next April or May – after the general election.

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MM 27/08/15


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